Rent-a-car in Bucharest

If you intend to rent a car in Bucharest, you can pick your favorite vehicle from our fleet, enjoying a comfortable atmosphere. We offer you a large variety of rental car models: diesel vehicles, along with gasoline automobiles, at affordable prices. The special hi-tech equipment, such as high standard GPS systems and modern air conditioners, allow you to run your rental car in a distinguished style. The car models available in our fleet are much diversified, with 5 and 8+1 passenger seats. Whether you choose a vehicle from a certain class, medium, small or minivan, you will benefit from professional treatment. For the clients who wish to rent a car in the limousine class, we recommend them to opt for Volkswagen Jetta or Audi A6 vehicles etc.

Our company has developed a Loyalty Program. In consequence, every customer will receive a loyalty card, which can bring him significant discounts for the required services, depending on his previous orders and reservations.

It is simple to rent a car: all you need to do is to carefully read the mandatory regulations and sign the contract before being delivered the rental vehicle of your choice. You may also extend the contract, when needed.